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Roof Installation

Roofing, Sheet Metal, And Waterproofing Contractor Services.

Roof Repair

A roof undergoing repairs … Missing, loose (flapping) or broken tiles.

Patio Cover Installation

Our Patio Covers Offer The Best Value For Your Investment.

Flat Roof Services

we specialize in flat roof repairs and flat roof maintenance

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We’ve Been Building For Over 28 Years

Established in 1993.

I started working on roofs when I was about 14 years old as a summer job. When I got older I worked for many residential and commercial companies through the 80’s. I started Hart Roofing in 1993. Operating any business has its obstacles, but for me it has always been finding competent, reliable employees. Years ago I decided that the only way to run a service business is to be personally involved. I personally supervise and engineer each job. I have found that this is the only way to get the quality workmanship that I want and that you deserve. I am a “hands on contractor”, I specialize in fixing problems. When I am called to fix a leak, I always put very careful thought into the problem and find the best method for the repair. My approach to leak repair is to take apart the problem area, find and fix the leak with 100% certainty. We don’t just smear tar around, the problem is professionally diagnosed and repaired and it will never come back to bother you again guaranteed in writing.

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